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GO GLOBAL TRAVEL CONSULTANTS Network was formed to become the world’s Premier Business Travel and Meetings Network.

GO GLOBAL TRAVEL CONSULTANTS network was established in 2000 by QJV GLOBAL TRAVEL CONSULTANTS LTD. It is complemented by two bodies working in harmony:

Α) The Board of Directors, with guidance from a Strategic Advisory Board and the members general assembly, to ensure that the network retains professional benefits for all its members.

Β) The Advisory Board is a group of appointed buyer and supplier members of the network with the goal of creating membership benefit strategy, ensuring GO GLOBAL TRAVEL CONSULTANTS Network remains led by buyers and monitoring that any activity undertaken by the network is in line with created strategy and objectives.

The general assembly is a group of one representative from each member of the network. Its role is to guide the network to ensure it works in the interests of its partners, and to ensure the mutual co-operation of all partners for the benefit of all.